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Solar For Your Home

Are your electricity bills high? Join U.S. Soccer champion Mia Hamm and start saving with solar.

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Solar For Your Business

Going solar can reduce your company's energy costs, and make a major impact on your bottom line.

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Become a Yingli Partner

Is your solar energy company looking for a module supplier? Yingli Solar modules deliver proven reliability and performance.

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Global Impact

As one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers, Yingli Solar has produced more than 85 million solar panels (20GWs). That’s enough to...

  • Meet the annual energy consumption of Guatemala.

  • Offset the carbon emissions of more than 2.8 million cars.

  • Power 854 million lightbulbs (for three hours/day).

  • Power 6.6 million typical global homes.


Our commitment to positive social and environmental change.

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Brand Partner

Proud Partner of U.S. Soccer.

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Our manufacturing process is highly automated.

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Our dedication to sustainable manufacturing and recycling.

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